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    First off before you can join you need the following things:
    • You own a paid Minecraft user.
    • Java (preferably the latest version)
    • Know how to open and use a program.
    Depending on what operating system you run you can download the Technic Launcher from the link under incase you do not have it already installed.

    Now that you have downloaded the Technic Launcher you can log into it using your Minecraft account credentials.

    Highlight the "Add Pack or Search" field and paste the link under.

    Now it should look like this:


    Just click on Install and wait. When it is done downloading you can press the "Play" button.

    After that you are free to join and give us a visit.

    NOTE: Our server is greylisted that means that you have to apply for building access before you can interact with anything. Remember to read the Rules. Before joining.

    The IP is

    Have fun!
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